It can be hard to find a reputable agency that specializes in in-home care services that aren’t of a medical nature. Ropes 2 Hopes, however, is an example of one. Our team members are hard-working professionals who give our clients access to the finest and most efficient chore services around. They strive day in and day out to help our clients achieve and maintain residential spaces that are fresh, hygienic and uplifting. Living spaces that are neat and tidy can be excellent for mood. They can also be terrific for safety. Clutter on the ground can contribute to trips, falls, and injuries of all kinds.

We present clients with a vast range of choices in services:

  • Window washing
  • Cleaning under or behind furniture
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Changing difficult to reach light bulbs
  • Cleaning draperies and window treatments
  • Clean baseboards

We recommend that chore services be done at least twice a month to avoid accumulation of dust. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health A dirty home can affect your health by:

  • May trigger asthma attacks and set off allergy symptoms
  • May increase the risk for breathing problems, like asthma, coughing, and shortness of breath
  • May increase exposure to dangerous chemicals—like lead and household cleaners—which cause poisoning and many other health problems

If you’re searching for first-class in-home care, give Ropes 2 Hope a phone call. Our objective is client safety, security and comfort. Contact us today for information.

  • Mission

    To maintain open communication with our clients, their families, health care professionals and caregivers; we strongly believe
    we are in this together.