What is Respite Care?

Respite care can be a life-saving step for the long-term caregiver. Caregivers have an abundance of responsibilities which cannot be ignored.

When the caregiver needs a rest, respite care can provide care for the patient. Sometimes this can be arranged through in-home services. Sometimes it may be a hospice facility or assisted living facility or church volunteers.

The need for 24-hour care can be exhausting and frustrating for the patient. Seek assistance from trustworthy and skilled professionals. Getting a break for rest and relaxation is essential for the mental and physical health of the caregiver.

Most respite care services will assist with transportation in addition to the routine activities of everyday life for the patient.

We offer services such as these:

  • Personal care such as bathing, dressing, bathroom and grooming needs
  • Tending to oral hygiene and skin care
  • Preparing meals, either on-site or by delivery
  • Keeping up with light housekeeping
  • Doing the laundry from washing, drying, folding and putting away clothing or bedding
  • Tending to incontinence needs
  • Helping with mobility and prescribed therapy
  • Help with entertainment and mood enhancement and being a trusted companion

Rope 2 Hope Services will allow patients to remain in their own environments where they are most comfortable. This allows the caregivers the time away for periods of rest or relief. Sometimes the respite only needs to be a few hours. Sometimes the caregiver will request a few days to relieve the stress of caring for a loved one. Studies have shown that even short breaks can restore energy and help the caregiver maintain a sense of balance and perspective. Often the caregiver is refreshed with energy. Respite care allows the caregiver to share some of the responsibility of caring for their loved ones.

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